Full name: J.J. Colt
Likes: His Cap, USG.45 Handguns, Action movies, Juicy beefburgers
Dislikes: Injustice, Evil, Sweets

Former member of LAPD SWAT team. Who teamed up with his old friend Rocket to found the World Army; An organization dedicated to stopping evil and helping those in need. Widely regarded as the big boss of the World Army.
While hardly ever taking time off work, when he does, he is either at the shooting range brushing up on his skills; Or at home watching action movies.


Full name: Samantha Byington
Code name: "Rising Phoenix"
Likes: Sporty cloths, Martial arts tournaments, Freshly baked apple pie
Dislikes: Cumbersome or heavy cloths/armor, Cats, Coffee

Renown martial artist; Who briefly competed at the top level of mixed martial arts. She decided to put her skills to better use and joined the World Army in to do some good.
She spends her off days sparring and training her martial arts. While she won't admit it, she also enjoys cloth shopping from time to time.


Full name: Nathan Nace
Code name: "Rocket"
Likes: His girlfriend Vanessa, Rocket launchers, German performance cars, Pizza with loads of anchovies
Dislikes: Paperwork, anything with Soy

Former tank commander in the 37th armor regiment. Who teamed up with his old friend Colt to found the World Army; An organization dedicated to stopping evil and helping those in need.
In his spare time he likes to race and tinker with cars.


Full name: Marco Tundo
Code name: "Blue Fox"
Likes: Form fitting cloths, Anonymity, Blade weapons, Noodles teriyaki chicken
Dislikes: Being the center of attention, Cartboard boxes, Relish

Not much is known about his past. He considered the World Army’s goal a noble one and offered his services.
When not on a mission, he is nowhere to be found. Many suspect he is hiding somewhere nearby to meditate.


Full name: Aoi Kiwi
Code name: "Artistic Tortoise"
Likes: Wearing big body armor, Painting, Coffee
Dislikes: Not wearing body armor, "old" technology (like pen and paper), Spicey food

Highly talented technology specialist. She graduated from MIT, top of her class. While highly sought after by laboratories and think tanks, Aoi preferred to apply her skills and knowledge to help the world. Her kind nature and love for military hardware drew her to the World Army. While not a field operative, Aoi likes to wear the biggest baddest armor available.
Her favourite pastime is drawing.


Full name: Koji Ima
Code name: "Video Snake"
Likes: Classic spy movies, Miso Soup
Dislikes: Bad video game movies

Top notch Intel Agent and head of the Intel division of the World Army. Has previously worked in a mercenary group led by a legendary soldier.